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Forensic Solutions, LLC and the International Association of Forensic Criminologists are pleased to sponsor this three day training event, in conjunction with Elgin Community College in January of 2014. It is intended to be a basic sex crimes academy for those working in the criminal justice system as investigators and legal professionals. 

Course Text: Rape Investigation Handbook, 2nd Ed. by Savino and Turvey.

Note: Each registration fee includes the cost of the textbook, Rape Investigation Handbook, 2nd Ed. by Savino and Turvey. Copies will be provided to registrants at the door. Registrants do not need to purchase their own copy.

Registration details below.


Topic: Introduction 
  • Human Sexuality and Sexual Deviance
  • Sex Crimes
  • Rape and sexual assault - legal constructs
Topic: The Investigative Response
  • The First Investigative Response
  • The Crime Scene
  • Biological Evidence and the Medicolegal Exam
  • Interviewing Suspects and Victims


Topic: The Victim
  • Forensic Victimology
  • Eyewitness ID and Testimony
  • False Allegations of Sexual Assault
Topic: Physical Evidence
  • DNA for Detectives
  • Reconstructing the crime


Topic: The Offender
  • Rapist Motivations
  • Rapist Modus Operandi and Signature
  • Investigating Serial Rape
  • Sex Crimes on Trial
This course is open to the public, however it is intended primarily for front-line criminal justice professionals including:
  • Patrol officers
  • Criminal investigators
  • Sex crimes investigators
  • Forensic Nurses
  • Criminal Attorneys

    Elgin Community College
    1700 Spartan Drive
    Elgin, Illinois 60134

    January 9-11, 2014
    9:00AM - 5:00PM Daily

    Brent Turvey, PhD

    Phone: 907-738-5121

    Shawn Mikulay, PhD

    Phone: 847-214-7963


    Det. John Baeza 
    (pictured right, circa 1995).

    Det. John J. Baeza, NYPD 
    Manhattan Special Victim Squad (ret.)

    John Baeza is a retired NYPD Detective. He worked on patrol in Harlem's 32nd Precinct and then was transferred to Manhattan North Narcotics where he worked as an undercover police officer/ Detective. He then worked in the Manhattan North Narcotics Major Case Unit as both an investigator and undercover.

    He transferred to the Detective Bureau where he worked in the Manhattan Special Victims Squad. There Det. Baeza was involved in the investigation of thousands of cases and related crime scenes, including: sex crimes, rapes, serial rapes, sexual homicides, child abuse, false reports, and other felony crimes. He was also temporarily assigned to the Manhattan North Homicide Squad for six months.

    Now retired from the NYPD, John Baeza recently worked as the Director of Security for the Ron Paul 2012 United States Presidential Campaign. He served in this capacity, on the road, for fifteen months working with federal, state, local, and campus police.

    John Baeza is currently a Criminal Case Analyst, providing consulting on the investigative review of the following: Criminal Profiling, Criminal Investigative Procedures, Homicide, Rape, Child Abuse, False Reports, Linkage Analysis, and Proper Interview of Victims and Suspects. He is involved in both trial consultations and post-conviction review.

    Brent Turvey
    Mexico City (2013)
    Brent E. Turvey, Ph.D.
    Forensic Scientist/ Criminal Profiler 

    Brent Turvey holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, with an emphasis on Forensic Psychology, and an additional Bachelor of Science in History. He went on to receive his Masters of Science in Forensic Science after studying at the University of New Haven, in West Haven, Connecticut. He also holds a Ph.D. in Criminology from Bond University.

    Since graduating in 1996, Brent has consulted with many government agencies, law enforcement agencies, and private attorneys in the United States, Australia, China, Canada, Barbados, Korea and Scotland on a range of rapes, homicides, and serial/ multiple rape/ death cases, as a forensic scientist and criminal profiler. This includes cases under investigation, as well as those going to trial. He has also been court qualified as a forensic expert in the areas of criminal profiling, forensic science, victimology, and crime reconstruction, providing expert examinations and courtroom testimony in legal jurisdictions throughout the United states since 1996.

    He is the author of Criminal Profiling: An Introduction to Behavioral Evidence Analysis, 4th Ed. (2011); and co-author of  Rape Investigation Handbook, 2nd Ed. (2011); Crime Reconstruction, 2nd Ed. (2011); Forensic Victimology, 2nd Ed. (2013); and Ethical Justice (2013) - all with Elsevier Science.

    Brent is currently a full partner, Forensic Scientist, Criminal Profiler, and Instructor with Forensic Solutions, LLC (, as well as an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Sociology and Justice Studies at Oklahoma City University. He is also the Secretary of the Academy of Behavioral Profiling, as well as a member of their board of directors.

    Paul J. Ciolino
    Private Investigator
    Paul J. Ciolino, Investigator
    Paul J. Ciolino & Associates, Inc.

    Paul J. Ciolino is an internationally known investigator who has specialized in catastrophic civil and high profile murder investigations for over thirty years. He has appeared on network and cable television stations as commentator, analyst, panel member, and expert on sex and murder cases on over one hundred occasions. He is also a paid investigative consultant for CBS News.

    Ciolino is the author of In The Company of Giants: The Ultimate Investigation Guide For Legal Professionals, Journalists & The Wrongly Convicted

    He is also a co-author of the best selling and critically acclaimed textbook Advanced Forensic Civil Investigations,  published by Lawyers and Judges Publishing Company. And he is the co-author of Advanced Forensic Criminal Defense Investigations.


    Those interested in registering for this workshop may pay by check, money order, or Visa/ MC. ECC students can enroll for course credit. 

    Visa/ MC
    Click on the appropriate link below.

    1. Law Enforcement/ Government

        Individual rate:                                 $355.00 = Click here.

    2. Law Enforcement/ Government 

        Group rate*:                                      $295.00 = Click here.

    3. Student rate**:                                 $275.00 = Click here.

    4. Non-Student/ Public:                      $375.00 = Click here.

    *Group rate = 3 or more registrants from the same organization.
    **Must be enrolled in an accredited college or university; student ID required.

    Check or Money Order
    Make all checks or international money orders payable to Forensic Solutions, LLC in US Dollars. Also, provide your name, employment/ student information, and contact information including phone and email so that we can contact you and send updates.

    Mail to:
    Forensic Solutions, LLC
    P.O. Box 2175
    Sitka, Alaska 99835 

    Re: Sex Crimes Academy

    Registration fee includes the cost of the textbook, Rape Investigation Handbook, 2nd Ed. by Savino and Turvey. Copies will be provided to registrants at the door.

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